To download

J2SDK 1.5 (

Eclipse 3.1 (

CDT Plugin 3.0 (

CDT SDK Plugin 3.0 (

Etnia Plugin (Go to Download)

Compilers & linkers (Go to Download)



Install the J2SDK

Unzip eclipse, cdt, cdt sdk and etnia (in that order and overwriting files)

Unzip the compilers wherever you want.

Now you need to configure the path in order we can access to the compilers trought any directory:

  • Click right into "My Computer"
  • Advanced tab
  • Environment variables
  • Modify the PATH or create if doesn't exist with the following value:
  • Add a new variable COMPILERS and set the value the path where you can find the root folder.

When you unziped eclipse it created an eclipse directory go inside an execute: eclipse.exe, now your in.